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We help innovators grow

Five years ago, ByteCubed was two people in a living room with a vision to find creative ways to make government more efficient. Today, we are a 140-person company with tens of millions of dollars in revenue embedded in the Greater Washington Area's innovation scene.

ByteCubed’s growth is a direct result of a disciplined business development strategy combined with a startup’s unique ability to pivot as opportunities in alignment with our core strengths arose.

Our success did not occur in a vacuum, however; The Greater Washington Area has become one of the nation's fastest growing tech scenes. Through workshops, ByteCubed Ventures (BCV) is tapping into the local startup scene to bring their contributions to the forefront of the thriving tech community.

Drawing upon its expertise working with government-funded small businesses, BCV offers Innovator and Entrepreneur Workshops to teach participants how to progress from idea development to execution. Along with the workshops and classes, BCV participants will have access to a robust community of investors, mentors, and entrepreneurs to promote continued learning, networking, and development.




Innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum and technology doesn't move to market by simply existing.  Entrepreneurship and technological innovation are bound together.  In order to have meaningful impact, innovators need the tools and the networks that allow them to focus on how to create a successful venture and turn their technology into a business.


“Creative adaptability is the key to growth.”