We have worked with more than 250 small businesses across the United States.


Our Simple Yet Effective Process

ByteCubed Ventures is a privately owned corporation based in Arlington, VA. We help you develop and implement simple, practical methods to scrutinize your business objectives against the traits and behaviors needed to achieve success.



We provide a forum to discuss your ideas, contribute our expertise and start to build a picture of what your business or your idea requires.



We provide tools to help you understand customer value and focus on key processes to continuously increase that value.  We also help you create a realistic business pipeline and development strategy.



Networking is an art form. As an entrepreneur, you’d do well to master that art, and we’ve got some great tips for you to get you started and a community to engage with.

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Since 2015, we have worked with 251 high-tech R&D companies and nearly 300 individual innovators and entrepreneurs in over 30 states, representing 17 technology areas ranging from sensors to autonomy. 



Whether you’re an innovator with a new idea, a start-up, or established business looking to enter a new market, we have the experience to meet your needs.  In working with innovators and entrepreneurs we have found that in order to succeed, you need to think beyond incremental innovation. ByteCubed Ventures helps you develop and refine tools to keep your ideas and your business relevant. You also need antidotes to the “antibodies” that kill innovation. ByteCubed Ventures helps you innovate at the edges and outside your business core. Finally, we recognize that you need access. Networking cannot happen in a vacuum and ByteCubed Ventures provides opportunities that expose you to technology, innovation, and startup leaders.


We have worked with innovators producing game changing technology across the federal government - including DARPA, Missile Defense Agency, Army, Air Force, Navy, the Defense Health Agency, and SOCOM.