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When I joined the ByteCubed team, the company was still quite young. We were 40 employees with big ideas and a passion for the ByteCubed mission, each one doing the work of at least three people in order to grow the brand. I’m sure this will sound familiar to many of you!

With hard work, a dash of luck, and a lean, disciplined business development strategy, I watched ByteCubed grow into the influential company it is today. Today we have 125 employees, tens of millions of dollars in revenue in the DMV’s innovation scene, and came in at #55 on Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 5000 list in 2016.

It has become my personal mission to help other tech startups in the DMV achieve the same success. DC is one of the fastest-growing startup scenes in the country, but with this boom in entrepreneurship comes a unique set of challenges for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses.

To succeed in this competitive scene, it is essential for young companies to master business development skills in order to grow, but when your company consists of five people it can seem impossible to find the time to do this. ByteCubed Ventures seeks to harness the lessons learned during our growth from startup to sustainable business to provide entrepreneurial training to all the disruptive innovators out there, helping them to master the tools needed to capture new growth opportunities.

Starting your own business is a daunting venture to set out on, but you don’t have to go it alone. Let’s continue this journey together.

I look forward to working with you all!

Jangela Shumskas

Jangela Shumskas