Jonathan Aberman: Pitching Investors

This past rainy Tuesday, we had an energetic and enthusiastic crowd for our inaugural Lunch with Leaders.  Our keynote, Jonathan Aberman, gave an insightful (and laugh-out-loud funny) talk on pitching to potential investors. Some of his most salient points centered around the delicate relationship between entrepreneurs and investors.

Check out the video here for more, including how you avoid the friends and family valuation trap and how pitching investors is like dating – and how it’s not.

Another focal point of Aberman’s talk was the investor community as a source of funding for your business. If you’d like to learn about other sources, ByteCubed Ventures’ first full-day workshop will focus on funding from the Department of Defense (DoD).

Did you know that the DoD is the largest provider of non-dilutive funding to support ideation to commercialization (over $1 billion every year)?  If you have an idea with potential DoD application, it’s time to get ahead and in the know.

The September 28 workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the benefits and best practices of working with the DoD. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the types of funding available and a series of practical, straightforward action items required to work with the DoD. More details, as well as registration, will be available soon!



Brendan Gilfillan